Microdermabrasion Body

Targeting the pimples and making the skin look instantly smooth and brighter, our luxury back treatment is finished off with a relaxing 7 minute back massage and skin repair mask.

TreatmentBody AreasCost

Back Shine Luxury

£40.00 – 45 mins

Microdermabrasion• Arms
• Legs
• Underarms

£15.00 – 15mins

Celluderm Body Treatment

Combining two advanced technologies in one non-invasive multi-action system, Crystal Clear Celluderm combines the company’s market leading microdermabrasion treatment with its highly effective cellulite and body firming therapy.

Cellulite & Body Firming Therapy – working with a combination of vacuum suction and pulsation, the treatment targets orange peel skin on the legs, hips, bum, arms and stomach, whilst simultaneously toning, firming, lifting, improving skin tone and detoxifying.

Celluderm is so effective you’ll notice your skin is smoother and firmer after the very first treatment. The number you’ll need all depends on the severity of your cellulite. Your therapist is the best person to advise on this but on average a course of 10 is generally recommended; so I would suggest getting a head start on this treatment about three months prior to summer or your holiday.

TreatmentBody AreasCost
CelludermBack of thighs & buttocks
£55.00 – 50 mins


£30.00 – 30 mins